November 4, 2011

our halloween

this year, we spent our halloween in the hundred acre woods!

i had to include this picture, even though it's not any good. i should really learn how to use our camera at night.....

Caleb is showing his daddy the moon. any time Caleb walks by an open window at night, or as soon as he walks outside, he looks for the moon and points it out to us. and i just love it, because how many times are we just going, going, going, and too wrapped up with stuff to just stop, and look at the moon. how grateful i am for my sweet boy to remind us to slow down, and enjoy God's creation and appreciate His beauty.

this was the first year that we actually went trick-or-treating. we weren't sure if little man would actually get into it or not, so we were happy to see that he got the whole concept, and he had a great time. listening to him say "trick-or-treat" was the cutest thing ever, and then he would yell out "bye-bye" as he left each house. it was a very fun night.

and what i hope will become a yearly two guys watching "it's the great pumpkin".

and with that, it's November.....which means it's Thanksgiving.....which means it's basically Christmas.....which means it's my most favoritist time of year!

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