December 23, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things

i. love. Christmas.

i love pretty much everything about it.

so, i thought i'd do a little post on some of the many things i love about it.

because i know everyone is just dying of curiosity.

1. Christmas music.

my brother says this makes me a nerd. i don't care. i start playing Christmas music on November 1st. in my mind, this is the earliest day that is somewhat reasonable to play it and not be perceived as entirely crazy.

amy grant's cds are my favorite ever. my brother says this really makes me a nerd. i still don't care. her first Christmas cd is my favorite, but "breath of heaven", which is on her 2nd one, is my favorite song ever. it is so beautiful and powerful.

2. decorations.

i love decorating our house anyways, but especially at Christmas time. it is all just so beautiful to me. i am slowly building up our supply of Christmas decorations each year, but it is hard to find things that are beautiful and not cheesy, and reasonably priced. but i am determined. the first time that husband ever saw my parent's house at Christmas time, he said that it looked like a museum. that is the reaction i'm going for!

3. hot chocolate.

with whipped cream.

no explanation necessary.

4. the clothes.

not Christmas clothes. just winter clothes in general. i love turtlenecks, and coats, and scarves, and gloves, and boots.

as far as actual Christmas clothes go, my opinion is that no one over the age of 12 or under the age of 65 should wear them. unless maybe you're a kindergarten teacher. maybe. otherwise, it's just not cute. in my opinion. but i do think it's especially adorable on little ones, and i have been having lots of fun dressing up my two. and then cuddling them up cause they look so stinkin' cute.

5. the cards.

i love getting all the cards in the mail. especially ones with pictures and letters.

however, sending them out has gotten a little tricky. it's next to impossible to get a good family photo, especially when one of you is 2. then i went to order them this year, and it was so hard to find one that said "merry christmas". i don't want to say "happy holidays" or "seasons greetings". i am sending out cards in honor of Christmas which celebrates Christ's birth. and the fact that this is becoming so difficult is just plain sad.

what was my point?

oh yeah, i like Christmas cards.

6. baking.

i love baking anything, and Christmas is the perfect excuse to go to town. i love making cookies and using all the cookie cutters and sprinkles and all. i love watching other people enjoy all the goodies.

i loved baking goodies with my mom when i was little, and i hope that my kids will enjoy baking with me when they're older.

7. eating.

so much food is around all month long. i choose to eat it all. or at least a lot of it. and i choose to not feel guilty about it.

try it.

it's fun.

8. wrapping presents.

there is something so calming and relaxing to me about wrapping presents. i love to take my time and think about the person that the gift is for. i love pretty papers and bags and ribbons and bows and tags and putting them together to make something beautiful.

and then i love to see them under the tree.

9. traditions.

love them. i love them all the time, but there are so many at Christmas especially. we are trying to be very intentional about the traditions that we have in our family, because i think you can have too many and lose the meaning of them all.

i have a lot more to say about this, but i will save it for another post all it's own.

10. family.

i love any occasion that brings family together, so this is a given for me. i am fortunate enough that i not only love all of my relatives, but i actually like all of them too. not only that, but i married into a family that i love as well.

well, i was going to stop at 10, but i need one more.

11. Jesus.

this is one of the sweetest books ever. my mom gave it to little man for his first Christmas.

but it's not this book that i love, but what it says. it reminds us of where Christmas came from and why we are really celebrating. because all of the decorations and food and presents are all good and fun, but that's not what it's all about.

God gave us Christmas.

and that's my favorite thing of all.


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