April 17, 2015

snow days.....take two

Well, I let myself get behind on blogging again. The last couple of months have been brutally busy around here, but I don't want to miss out on documenting some of it. So, even though it feels weird to be posting about snow while it's so warm outside right now, I'm going to anyways!

We ended up getting another round of snow that was even bigger than the first one.  The kids had never been sledding before, so we decided to get out there and see if it was the good sledding kind of snow, and it most definitely was!  Since we don't have a sled, we just used our fancy laundry basket until a sweet neighbor took pity on us and let us borrow hers.  Bobby and I both hadn't been sledding since we were kids, and I had forgotten how much fun it was!  We all had a blast, and the kids are still talking about it.  

When they were finished sledding, the kids asked Bobby to just pull them around on it - which he did, of course, since he's such a good daddy.  Caleb asked him to take them to India, but Bobby told them that India was probably too far away for them to go.  So Makayla said, "OK.  How about Cleveland?"  Ha!  These kiddos sure keep us laughing!

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