April 21, 2015

easter 2015

Another wonderful Easter season is in the books.  This year we decorated eggs like we normally do, and we also did a resurrection garden for the first time.  The kids loved this (don't be fooled by their faces in the pictures - they just don't like posing for pictures these days!), and I'm thinking it will become a yearly tradition for us.  I was afraid the grass wouldn't grow on it since I don't exactly have a green thumb, but the grass actually grew so well that we had to cut it because it was taller than the crosses!  We loved looking every morning to see how much it had grown overnight.

We kept the garden in the center of the kitchen table, and it sparked some great conversations during meal times.  I just love seeing little glimpses into the hearts of these kiddos and being there with them as they are learning, and processing, and growing.  Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm teaching them well - the enemy sure has a way of filling my heart with self-doubt.  But God is so faithful, and the kids will say things that let us know that they really are getting it.  Their childlike faith is such a beautiful and precious gift.  I really do treasure these moments with them.

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