July 9, 2013

summer swimming

Does anything scream summer time more than being at the pool?  I have such wonderful memories of being at the pool when I was a kid.  We lived in the greatest subdivision growing up with a really big pool, and we would just hang out there all summer long with our friends.  I am determined to give our kiddos some wonderful pool-time memories as well!

We are off to a good start because Caleb has turned into a little fish!  He has been taking lessons this year at the Y, and asks to go there pretty much daily.  He has learned a lot and is so comfortable in the water now - he just jumps in now with no fear at all, which is a huge step since last year!

Makayla is still pretty nervous and hesitant.  You can tell she wants to just relax and have fun, but she also has to make sure that you are right there and that she can still reach you if she needs to.  She tells me "No, I don't need you!"  with one breath, and then "Mommy, I need help!" with the next!

It's funny how their personalities in the water are really what they are like in everything.  Caleb is my little daredevil - always jumping and flipping and running like he could never get hurt!  He totally gets this from his daddy!  And Makayla is always more cautious and careful about things, which she most definitely gets from me.  I can just imagine my two guys on the roller coaster one day while my girl and I watch from the ground and wave as they go by!

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