July 3, 2013

cookies and memories

Today the kids and I got in the kitchen and made some memories.  And cookies.  And we had a lot of fun.  

Our cookies came from a box, the kitchen was a complete mess, there are no Photoshopped-Pinterest-worthy photographs, and Martha Stewart would have been appalled at our finished product.  And the truth is that not so very long ago, that would have bothered me.  If you know me well, then you know that I can be somewhat of a perfectionist about things.....sometimes to a fault.  I can build things up in my mind and make all sorts of plans and give myself absurd expectations - and of course nothing ever goes "perfectly" and my vision comes crashing down around my silly little head.  Because the thing about life is that things rarely go according to plan.  Even the most wonderful and amazing moments usually have a hiccough in there somewhere.

After a few crafting-fails and cooking-session-bombs, I finally figured out that I was the problem.  I was wanting my kids to color in the lines, or pour the milk without spilling, or perfectly crack the egg when their precious little hands are still learning how to do those things.  And what they need is a mama who will help them learn with all the patience and love and grace that they deserve.  So I'm reminding myself every day to stop with the ridiculousness and to let life happen.  

Our messy, sloppy, beautiful, wonderful memories are worth it.

God continues to teach me lessons with patience and love and grace.

These children continue to teach me lessons as well. Being their mama is a blessing that I am daily humbled by.

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