January 28, 2013

the things they say

Our little people say really funny and adorable things and are constantly making us laugh. Oftentimes, they can not even be in the room, and Husband and I will just sit and recall the things they said and did that day and find ourselves hysterical.

So, I thought I'd do a post on a few of their recent sayings. I know these are probably not as funny and cute to anyone else as they are to us, but it's my blog, so there ya go!

~ Never wanting to miss out on anything, Makayla is always very sad when it's nap time. As I carry her upstairs, she has started to call out, "Caleb, help me!" to which Caleb responds, "No, I cannot help you right now!"
~ The other day the kids were eating popcorn in the den while they watched a movie. Well, I walked in to see the bowl turned over on the sofa and the popcorn spilled everywhere. After cleaning it up, I told them that if they wanted to eat in the den then they had to keep the food on the table or else they would only get to eat in the kitchen. A few minutes later, Bobby walked in to see them both sitting on top of the coffee table with the bowl between them. He asked them what they were doing and Caleb pointed to the sofa and said, "We made a great big mess!".

~ Caleb calls pajamas "jamamas". I do not correct him as I think this is adorable.

~ Caleb says "I so much love you" instead of "I love you so much". Again - no correcting from me! In fact, we've all begun to say it this way!
~ A lot of times when you go to give Makayla a kiss, she will cover her mouth with both of her hands and play hard-to-get. Even though you can't see her mouth, you can tell from her eyes that she is smiling under there.

~ The other day in the car, we came to a stop at a red-light and Caleb, with much enthusiasm, said "Good job stopping the car Mommy!".

~ Caleb's saying lately is "Ughh! Good grief!". Thank you Charlie Brown.

~ Makayla points to any bird that she sees and says "Bald eagle!".

~ When Caleb wants to encourage me in something, he will say, "You can do it!  You're a big mommy!".  I guess since it's a good thing to be a "big boy", then being  a "big mommy" must be even better, right?

~ Sometimes at dinner when it's time to pray, we will all hold hands and then Caleb will say "Ready, set, close your eyes!".

~ Makayla thinks that her name is "Baby", which is entirely our fault. We've called her this since day one because we were trying to make it easier for Caleb to say at the time. We never realized how the name would stick!

I sure do love them!

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