January 6, 2013

family pictures

so back in the fall, we finally got around to getting family pictures made with my parents and brothers. none of them seem to like getting their pictures made, so it had been something we had been putting off for a long time. but the kiddos were due to have their pictures done again so i told everyone else they needed to show up too! it ended up being a cold day, and the kids were not entirely cooperative - Makayla had decided to skip her nap that day and Caleb just wanted to run off and play. but as always, Jennifer came through for us and somehow managed to get some good shots of our wild bunch.

these were just a few of my favorites.

yes, i know it's a lot of pictures, but i love these people, and i could look at them all day long. and believe it not, that was narrowed down by a lot! really though, i love having pictures made of the kids, because i feel like we are capturing that brief moment and helping ourselves remember what they were like at that exact time. they are growing so quickly - i already find myself looking back at baby pictures and not being able to completely remember what it was like when they were that small. that is one reason that keeping up with this blog is one of my resolutions for the new year. there is so much that i want to document, and i am determined to make it more of a priority this year. so i hope to do a quick fall and winter recap post in pictures and then stay better updated with the day-to-day.

be back soon!

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