January 7, 2011

our christmas...part two

we woke up to a white christmas.

does it get any better?

it was the perfect snow, just enough to make it beautiful without making the roads too bad, so we could all still gather over at my parent's house.

but first, we woke up early and let little man open all of his gifts at home.

correction, i opened little man's gifts and then waved them in front of his face to get his attention. which sometimes worked, and sometimes didn't. this kid is not easily distracted.

husband recorded and took pictures.

baby girl slept.

i guess she was up all night waiting for Santa and was just worn out.

we told her what he brought her when she woke up. she was thrilled.

then we headed over to my folks' house where my mom's cinnamon rolls were waiting for us. she makes these every year.

she knows if she didn't we would stop coming.

i kid.

sort of.

so we ate, and then we opened more presents, and then we ate some more.

and then, per tradition, we played one of our standard games - girls vs. boys. we have our usual go-to games, and we always plays boys against girls, even though the headcount is usually off a little. the girls used to claim this didn't matter, we would beat them even if we were outnumbered, but i have to admit that the boys are improving, and even win occasionally these days.

if you go through the games boxes, you will find old score sheets where my little brother would write things like "stinky girls" and "cool guys". it makes me smile.

anyways, this time we played bible outburst, which can actually be pretty hard. there are some really random topics with even more random answers. the boys won this time, but their final topic was "the ten commandments", so they were basically handed the win.

i'm just saying.

ok, so some of my favorite pics from the day.

the santa hats made the rounds.....

my daddy.....

and my mom, who looks like she's mid-lecture while opening her present, which cracks me up, because more than likely one of us needed one.....

my big-little brother with little man.....

why is it that still, whenever i see any of my guys with my kids, it absolutely melts my heart?

my handsome husband, who is giving me his classic crooked smile because i am in his face once again with the camera.....

my sleeping beauties.....

and my sleeping uncle (whom i suppose is a beauty as well).....

me and my girl.....

who is drying her nails.....

have i ever mentioned that i love christmas?

because i really do.

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