January 15, 2011

january 15th

holidays that are observed on january 15th:

1. Armed Forces day in Nigeria

2. Army day in India

3. Korean Alphabet day

4. Marin Luther King, Jr. day (when it falls on a Monday)

5. International Fetish day (i am not making this up...seriously)

events throughout history that occurred on january 15th:

1. Christopher Columbus set sail for Spain from Hispaniola

2. Elizabeth I was crowned the Queen of England

3. Coca-Cola was originally incorporated in Atlanta

4. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born

5. the Pentagon was completed

6. the first Super Bowl was played in Los Angeles between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs

7. Space Mountain opened at Disneyland

8. Wikipedia went online

9. my husband was born

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful husband and amazing daddy!

I sure do love you!

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