October 6, 2009

pajama day

oh yeah. i have a blog. maybe i should post something?

we have been busy bees around here. i'm not even sure what we've been doing, i just know we've been busy!

so quick updates:

my dad is doing great. surgery went well and his recovery has been good. he actually went back to work today.

it's still fall. (have i mentioned that i love the fall?)

i still have no pumpkin bread.

the titans still have not won a game.

and this little man is still faster than me.

that is what half the pictures i take look like these days. apparently, 17-month-olds do not like to sit still for pictures.

Bobby had a day off yesterday, so we ended up just hanging out in the living room all afternoon and had some family time. Caleb stayed in his pj's all day, and he played.....

and played.....

and took some rides.....

and caught up on some reading.....

it was a really good, fun day.

seriously, with all the business lately, it was so wonderful to just take a little time out and regroup as a family.

we decided we might need to have pajama days more often.

1 comment:

  1. Let's make a "Pajama Day" law! I think the world needs a day like that.


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