October 18, 2009

birthday party

yesterday, little man was invited to a birthday party.

this little guy is one year old.....

how cute is he?

he truly is a little miracle.

we are so thankful that he is here, and we are so glad that he and Caleb are so close together in age. i hope that they get to be good playmates for each other as they get older.

the children were each announced as they entered, as princes and princesses. they each had their own seat awaiting them with a crown to wear.

we kept little man contained to his stroller for as long as possible.....

we were able to sneak the crown on for a quick picture before he realized it was there and tried to eat it.....

here is the birthday boy eating his cake.....

and obviously enjoying it.....

because he is smart and he knows that cake is yummy.

when Caleb turned one, he threw his cake on the ground.

and the ice cream.

i thought something might be wrong with him.

i mean, who does that?

he still doesn't seem too interested in sweets.

Bobby doesn't like sweets either, so i guess Caleb gets this from him.

i like sweets, so this makes me sad.

still, i love the little man (and the big man), with or without sweets.....

it's very rare that Caleb and i are actually in a picture together, since i seem to always be behind the camera!

yeah for birthday parties!

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