October 15, 2015

we went to texas

Some of my favorite memories growing up are from summer days spent in Texas.  My aunt and uncle live there, and they very graciously opened up their home to us every summer.  Sometimes it was just my brother and I, sometimes my parents were there too, and sometimes our California cousins would visit at the same time.  Whoever was there, it was always fun, and I've been looking forward to going back with my kiddos.  We decided this was the year, so my mom and I (Bobby had to stay home for work) made the very long drive so we could show these two what Texas is all about!  They were just sure that we had driven so far that we must be in another country!

We spent the first half of the trip on the farm, and while they had a lot of fun, I do believe it was confirmed that we have raised a couple of city kids!  We spent the second half of the trip in Houston, and that was most definitely more up their alley!  We really had such a great time, and I just loved getting to share some of my memories and experiences with my kiddos.

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