August 20, 2010

in a rut

i am in a big one.

i think about sitting down to update this blog, and then i can't think of a thing to write about.

life is so incredibly busy right now.

i want to sit down and write about all of the fun things we're doing this summer. about how we enjoy our hot summer days by the pool, and come inside for homemade popsicles, and grill out every night, and chase fireflies, and fall into bed at night exhausted by all the fun we've had.

but none of that is real.

we wake up in the mornings and go. we rush around getting dressed as we go over our to-do lists, agendas, and coordinating our schedules. little man has therapy four days a week. our house is under construction, so there is constantly another phone call to make, another decision to make, someone to meet, an errand to run, and so on. i fall into bed at night exhausted from keeping up with my ever-so-lively-two-year-old and carrying a baby around in my stomach 24-7. husband falls into bed exhausted from working at the house all day and working at a restaurant all night.

that is our reality.

i'm not complaining. i know that this is only for a season.

i'm reminding myself that every season of life has blog-worthy aspects.

this blog is my journal. a scrapbook. it's our family's story.

our story might be crazy right now, and not at all what i thought i'd be writing about when i started this thing, but that's ok.

we are learning lessons. we are growing stronger. we are living life.

and that's worth blogging about.

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